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Frequently asked questions

What is Memgraph?#

Memgraph is a native in-memory graph database built to handle real-time use-cases at enterprise scale. Memgraph supports strongly-consistent ACID transactions and uses the standardized Cypher query language for structuring, manipulating, and exploring data.

What is MAGE?#

MAGE stands for Memgraph Advanced Graph Extensions. It’s an open-source project started by Memgraph that encourages developers to share innovative and useful query modules (custom Cypher procedures) so the whole community can benefit from them.

What are query modules?#

Query modules are essentially collections of custom Cypher procedures that extend the basic functionalities of the Cypher query language. Each query module consists of procedures that are connected by a common theme (community detection for example). You can implement them using a Python or a C API.

What is Cypher?#

Cypher is a graph query language that allows users to store and retrieve data from a graph database.