Major Features and Improvements

  • Enable explain and profile view.

  • Memgraph v0.15.0 keywords support.

Bug Fixes and Other Changes

  • Fix bug with a new line in parsing multi-command queries.

  • On empty data for graph redirect to data view.


Major Features and Improvements

  • Added unsecure connection option.

  • Improved UX of login screen.

  • Added basic tutorial that shows on the initial run.

  • Added text search of history and favorite queries.

  • Added storage statistics on overview screen.

  • Added debug view with query explain and profile capabilities.

  • Added graph schema (metagraph) generator.

  • Improved query data (table) view.


Bug Fixes and Other Changes

  • Fixed app icon on MacOS.

  • Improved error handling on the initial connect screen. Handle availability

    and secure connection errors.


Major Features and Improvements

  • Added overview view.

  • Added query view (Monaco editor).

  • Added graph, data and table data views.

  • Added JSON export.

  • Added electron builder packages for MacOS and Debian.